A simple guide to make your maintenance weekends even easier!

What is Gelcoat?

Gelcoat is a special coating layer that is placed over the top of fiberglass. Chemically, this coat consists of epoxy, polyester resin, a catalyst and other bonding chemicals.

Gelcoat has little structural value, however, when combined with fiberglass it serves as a durable protection surface. The layer shields your vessel from water intrusion, UV light damage and hull weakening.

Unfortunately, with age, the gelcoat layer becomes porous and the more it weakens, the more stain damage it develops.

So, without further ado, here is an easy 3-step process to make your gelcoat stain-free!

STEP 1 – Cleaning the Gelcoat

Luckily for you, we have already picked out the best local products to make this super easy!

CLEANAWERX Gelcoat Cleaner & Restorer is a unique blend of advanced cleaning surfactants that will bring your oxidised gelcoat back to life.

Consider this as a prewash, as the product will remove all oxidisation and mineral brown staining.

STEP 2 – Cut & Polish

Generally, the Gelcoat Cleaner removes most of the oxidation and restores the some of the shine within the targeted area. However, it does not bring it back completely.

CLEANAWERX SupaCut Marine Cut & Polish is a great follow-up product to help restore the shine of the treated surface.

Just apply the product evenly on the surface you wish to target and buff away!

STEP 3 – Seal the Deal

To seal all products used to restore the damaged gelcoat, it is recommended to apply a wax barrier for further protection against the environment.

CLEANAWERX SupaSeal-IT Liquid Sealer Polish enhances the high gloss shine and provides additional UV protection which, in fact, is key to maintaining your gelcoat.

And just like that you have everything you need. Don’t forget to check out our website for all previously listed products.
  Happy buffing!