As the Easter Sale Season approaches, it may be just the right time to give your ol’ girl a little bit of love.  However, too much love gets quite costly, so if you’re wishing to save some dollars AND make your boat look ‘a million bucks’, Cleveland Marine will be just the place.

Polish the Stainless Hardware

The harsh conditions of the environment will always impact stainless elements on board.  However, these are the details that will bring your boat from a 5 straight to a 10.

To save yourself some time and money on replacing all stainless hardware, we recommend one of our best sellers to do the job for you – CLEANAWORX Rust-Off Gel. This product will remove all visible oxidation, rust and staining, leaving your stainless accessories looking brand new!

Replace Old Stainless Fasteners

If the stainless fasteners are beyond repair, it might be the right time to replace them all. Choosing the correct thread size & grade of stainless steel is key, hence why Cleveland Marine fastener range includes High Tensile Zinc for engine related services, as well as Marine Grade Stainless for cosmetic repairs.

Just come down to the shop and we will get you sorted!

Quality Sound, Quality Time 

Installing a pair of marine speakers is a great addition to you boat. The intention and design of marine sound units is to overcome major obstacles on the water when it comes to sound. In addition to harsh marine environments, your speakers must be able to compete against the noise that wouldn’t be present in other applications. Thus, it’s important to get your hands on a durable pair, specifically equipped for the waters.

Here, at Cleveland Marine, we recommend JBL MS6520 Marine Speakers. These units are far more aggressive than standard car speakers and use advanced technologies to compete with the wind, waves and the roar of an engine(s).

LED Lighting Accessories 

Lighting is a vital tool in maintaining safety of the boat and its passengers. One of the primary advantages of LED lighting is the efficiency of output vs consumption ratio, where other positives include reduction in heat output and the ability to produce multiple colours out of one fixture.

So, if your boat is older or you are considering to purchase a used vessel, the lighting might be ready for an upgrade.

Dashboard Bling

If you wish to get really fancy, really quick, perhaps you would be interested in making your dashboard one of a kind. How? The answer is simple – Going Digital.

Digital Integration in the marine industry is becoming  more popular by the minute, and while analog systems are still considered ‘more reliable’, vessel management possibilities are endless with today’s advanced technology. By replacing analog gauges, the conversion will allow you to achieve more precise and accurate results displayed on a single customisable screen. 

Think about it – controlling all electrical components via one simple and compact touch screen system doesn’t sound too bad, right

To find out more about digital integration, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service team on 07 3286 9077.