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TOHATSU MFS9.8B S (15″) 4-stroke

Tohatsu 4-Stroke Benefits:
 Light and compact (lightest 9.8HP 4-Stroke)
 Designed with proven technology (60 years building outboards, first in Japan)
 Large capacity oil reservoir for optimum lubrication
 Trim tab for reduced load on steering, is also sacrificial anode

Low emission 3 star rating

Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability:
 Through prop exhaust for quieter operation
 Advanced cross flow induction for smooth operation
 Greatly reduced induction for quiet operation
 Digital CD ignition for easy starting
 Auto choke for easy start
 Front mounted gear shift for easy operation
 Large alternator and rectifier for superior battery charging (electric start models)
 Stainless steel water pump housing for outstanding reliability
 High grade marine alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
 Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion protection
 Alloy propeller
 Shallow water drive
 Adjustable steering friction for reduced steering effort (tiller models)
 Front shift control, (tiller models)
 Ultra-long extension kit available for yacht use


 Safety lanyard (an essential safety feature, standard on all Tohatsu outboards)
 Low oil pressure warning (audible)
 Start in gear protection & over rev limiter

Boat Specifications
Engine 2 cylinder
Displacement 209cc (12.75 cu in)
Bore & Stroke 55 x 44mm (2.17 x 1.73in)
Starting Manual with electric option
Controls Tiller handle / FWD Control Models available
Gear Shift Forward – Neutral – Reverse
Gear Ratio 2.08:1
Propeller pitch range 6.5 – 9.5
Transom height 20”
Fuel mix Unleaded petrol (87 octane)
Fuel Tank 12 Litre tank & fittings supplied
Max. RPM Range 5000 – 6000
Max. RPM Range 5000 – 6000

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