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CLEANAWERX Enzymatic Microbe Toilet & Tank Treat 1LT

CLEANAWERX Enzymatic Microbe Toilet & Tank Treat 1LT


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Poop-ETA – Advanced Super Concentrate Bio-Enzymatic Microbes – Toilet and Holding tank Treatment.
When Poop-ETA Is added to your toilet and black water holding tank system the good bacteria rapidly grow and multiply creating a self-sustaining ECO-SYSTEM.
They start working on eating away at the organic matter (Faeces) inside your toilet system and holding tank. REDUCING – Organic WASTE, Organic SOLIDS,
Organic BLOCKAGES, CRYSTALLISATION, CALCIUM, Turning it into LIQUID. Also reducing BAD ODOURS. Poop-ETA assists with keeping your toilet system working properly.

*Poop-ETA Enzymatic microbe toilet & tank treatment

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