So last week we put the Makocraft 445 Commander HD in the water for a water test. We decided to go against the grain of maximum horsepower testing just to see what results we would get with the Minimum recommended power, seeing as most testing is done with maximum power. Test engine was the Tohatsu 30hp 4 stroke outboard standard model. No Power Trim & Tilt!!. The results were very positive and far surpassed our expectations especially given that this boat is rated to 60hp!!
Also note the stability of the 445 and how the swim platform sits with 100kg person plus 25litres fuel!!
Results –
Conditions – Overcast with 25-30knt winds
Location – Logan River
Persons on board – 2 (220kgs total)
Fuel on board – 25litres
Extras on board – Bimini & Safety Equipment
Prop – Standard out of the box (9.9x12pitch)
Top Speed – 24knts
Time taken to reach top speed – 15 seconds
Planing Speed – 12knts
Time taken to reach planing speed – 6 seconds
This was tested with new engine out of the box and the results would have been much better with Power Trim & Tilt.
We will be putting a link up in the next couple of weeks to view the testing on youtube.
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